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Data Collections at NeMO Analytics


To empower the visalization of molecular cell dynamics across vast data spaces and fuel creative in silico experimental design and execution, we construct curated data collections of precisely related multi-omic datasets within the NeMO Analytics data exploration environment.

We have several public data exploration environments within NeMO Analytics that are designed to be explored online by cell biologists without coding expertise, including:

Neocortical Development

(Comprehensive list of neocortical datasets in NeMO Analytics)

Stem Cell Variation

Mammalian Embryonic Development

Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration

Host Immune Response

These images are screen captures from NeMO Analytics showcasing the diversity of data we have collected.

Leveraging existing public datasets to understand novel emerging data is central to our collaborative approach to discovery. We encourage others with interest in these fields to contribute their data to this integrated environment so that it can be further explored by them and the wider research community. Please reach out through email or the CONNECT form below if you are interested or need guidance.

The collaborative team that generated this work was lead by Ronna Hertzano, Anup Mahurkar, and Joshua Orvis and spans Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD USA.

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