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Neocortical Development


Shreyash Sonthalia is leading this exploration and is currently writing the manuscript for submission in Jan 2024, and has compiled a comprehensive list of neocortical datasets we have assembled in NeMO Analytics.

We have assembled and curated extensive public multi-omics data focused on neocortical development at NeMO Analytics. This includes resources from in vivo development across mammalian speices and in vitro cerebral organoid models and can be explored by cell biologists without coding expertise.

Using our newly developed structured joint decomposition (SJD) methods, we have dissected transcriptome dynamics during mid-gestational cortical neurogenesis that are conserved across mouse, macaque and human. The animation shows seqential transcriptomic dynamics across neocortical neurogenesis that were defined in this way. Using the UKBioBank resource, we then mapped the genetics of human brain structure and disease onto specific elements of this foundational landscape of neurogenesis.

We started exploring neocortical development some time ago - see our 2011 Nature paper.

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